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Women's Waxing Kew

Female Waxing

Bikini Wax from $25
(very little tidy up)

X-rated Bikini Wax  $40
(medium tidy up)

XXX Brazilian Wax $50
(all off)

Bottom Wax from $25

Toes & Feet $10

½ Leg Wax $35

¾ Leg Wax $45

Upper Leg $40

Full Leg


Chin from $14
Eyebrow from $25
Top Lip $10
Forehead $15
Side Burns $20

Breast (nipple) $10
Back of Neck (hairline) from $10
Lower back from $15
(above bottom)


Under Arms $25

½ Arms Wax $35

Full Arms Wax $45

Hands & Knuckles $10

Stomach From $20

Snail Trail from $10

Prices may vary lower or higher  depending on the number of hairs you have and time it takes

please note

  • do not shower 3hrs before wax 
  • do not shower 8 hrs after wax
  • no showers saunas, spa’s, physical activities or exercise on the same day
  • no spray tan on the same day 
  • do not apply makeup afterwards for at least 3hrs
  • must moist night and day with what your therapist has told you
  • no soaps
  • must exfoliate 3 times a week
  • please ask for more information from our beauty therapist