Infused Hair Extensions

100% European or Asian Human Hair

Hair extensions are an exciting and glamorous way of complementing your natural look. Using the latest advanced technology you can now:

Add Length – Long hair in any colour.
Colour – Scattered pieces of colour instead of highlights.
Thickness – Add physical thickness to fine hair.
Fun – Add bright funky colours to have some fun.
Fix – A bad haircut or broken pieces.
Help – Grow out a short fringe or broken hair.
More – Self esteem.
Professional Reasons – Like modeling.
Create a New Look – For a special occasion like a wedding formal dinner or party.
Pure Glamour!

How They Work:

The extension hair is purged in-between your own hair using resin. This allows no chance of slippage because the hair is meshed together thus allowing for less extension hair loss. The resin does not damage your hair and it is very easy to remove.

There is a non-direct heat application with no usage of hot tongs to melt the bond onto your hair, therefore no moisture is lost under each bond keeping your hair as strong as it was before.

Fusion Technology is used enabling the extension hair to be reused up to 2-3 times.

Please enquire for a Free Consultation where you and our Hair Extensions International trained and certified operator will thoroughly go through a care guide with you in order to identify what you are trying to achieve and how to go about catering to your needs.


Full Head 3.5 hours P.O. A
3/4 Head 2.5 hours P.O. A
½ Head 2 hours P.O. A
¼ Head 30mins-1hour P.O. A

50% deposit is required on day of consultation. Re-appointment 2-3 days after consultation.

Cost: We Do Not Quote over phone, it’s to difficult as everyone needs different amounts of hair(sold per gram) for different thickness of hair,style,and length, please make an appointment for a FREE 20min consultation.

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