Wedding Planning

Wedding planning

One Year Before

Start looking in hair magazines to find what look you desire also think about whether you are having a straight, curly, up or down style. Decide whether or not you have to grow your hair.

Speak to your personal hairstylist at Angela’s Mane Attraction about colour and the health of your hair.

Book your hair and make-up for your engagement and wedding at Angela’s Mane Attraction.


Three to Six Months Before

We suggest at Angela’s Mane Attraction you consider being prepared well in advance by commencing monthly facials and hair treatments to ensure your hair and skin is looking it’s very best on the big day. This will allow for easier styling and makeup application.

Visit your personal hairstylist at Angela’s Mane Attraction for regular trims, protein/moisture treatments and colour, also purchase a home care programme to maintain your hair in good condition.

Book all appointments for trims and colour leading up to your wedding day at Angela’s Mane Attraction.


One or Two months

Before the Hair & Makeup Consultation/Trial
Gather any photos or pictures of hairstyles and dress designs for yourself and your bridesmaids; this will give us a clear understanding as to the style and look you are after.

Bring any hairpieces, veils, extensions or accessories with you or you may prefer to ask our advice at the consultation at Angela’s Mane Attraction.

The consultation and trial at Angela’s Mane Attraction is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. We will use this time to get to know you, your expectations and your hair.

If you would like a golden glow on your special day try a spray-on tan at Angela’s Mane Attraction.


Two Weeks Before

Book yourself and your partner at Angela’s Mane Attraction with your personal hairstylist for your final hair trim and/or treatment. A scalp massage is a great stress reliever. Don’t forget both your parents as they also need to look their best on the big day.
Confirm all appointments for the big day such as your hairstylist, make up artist, photographer, florist, and car hire etc especially if you are staying in a hotel/resort.


One Week Before

Does anyone need a colour? This is the time to organise your final colour application at Angela’s Mane Attraction. If you have chosen an ‘up’ style ensure that the back is properly coloured. With a hairstyle with a parting the colour applied must be focused on this area especially where foils are concerned. We do not recommend doing any drastic changes in colour or cut at this stage. It is too late as a big change will affect the suitability of your dress, colour scheme, make-up and even your partner to be!

Have your eyebrows reshaped and all you’re other waxing done, eyelash and eyebrow tints at Angela’s Mane Attraction.

Have a dress rehearsal just to check zippers and bra straps are comfortable with no surprise last-minute alterations.


The Day Before

Make sure the whole bridal party washes their hair well and to shampoo twice if necessary unless your hairstylist at Angela’s Mane Attraction gives you other advice. For baby fine, oily or limp hair please give your scalp a good brush and shampoo twice then just leave it, don’t condition it! Your hair will be stronger and easier to style if you can avoid washing it on the wedding day.
If anyone is having their hair blow-dried you are required to wash your hair on the day.
Plan to go to bed early, consider a relaxing bubble bath and herbal tea to give you a good nights rest. If you are tired it can affect your skin, eyes and sense of humour.
Pack your emergency kit!
Pack for your honeymoon


The Big Day

Bridal party may shower, but don’t get your hair wet and dress in clothing that zips or buttons up at the front.
Have something to eat and drink and then brush your teeth before your make-up and hairstyling is done at Angela’s Mane Attraction.
you will be asked 15 minutes before the appointed time at the to set up at Angela’s Mane Attraction and recreate the hairstyles we have designed.
If we are styling the bridesmaids’ hair as well, we will start with one of them followed by another bridesmaid or the bride depending on how many people we are styling.
We will style the hair before the make-up artist applies the make-up.
We will coordinate with the make-up artist for optimum time management.
Approximately 45 minutes to one hour is allowed for each hairstyle to be completed and 30 minutes to 45 minutes for the makeup application at Angela’s Mane Attraction.
One hour before the photographer arrives the bridesmaids get dressed and then assist the bride to get dressed.
You will be ready on time and the preparations will be an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Now look…Who’s the Mane Attraction? Get ready for the best day of your life!