Ink Works

Temporary Hair Colour

The Guide

What is it?

Pure, vibrant pigments suspended in a conditioning base of vegetable, proteins, moisturisers and shine enhances that creates vivid temporary hair colour.

INKWORKS are direct dyes, which work under acidic conditions. The more porous the hair, the better the penetration and the longer they last. Some shades have a longer lasting time than others, strictly due to the size and shape of the colour molecule.

All of the colours sit on the outside of the hair shaft. They are “make-up” for hair, which makes them temporary.

Who Can I Use It On?

Anyone! With INKWORKS you can achieve

    • Vibrant pure tones on hair that has been pre-lightened; you control the intensity of the tone based on how much you pre-lighten, from pale yellow to
      slightly “cracking” the underlying natural pigment.
    • An “aura” of the colour overlay to freshly tinted hair.
    • Added depth and tonal intensity to freshly tinted hair. Mix them, play with
      them, the possibilities are endless.

How Does It Work?

INKWORKS sits primarily on the outside of the hair shaft; the greater the porosity and the lighter the base colour the more intense the end result.

Conditioning proteins, especially in an acid base, have an affinity for the hair fibre making INKWORKS a long-lasting, skinny temporary colour.

How Long It Will Last?

The colour will last 3 – 10 washes

$7 – $15 a piece/slice