PM Shines

PM Shines

Demi-Permanent Translucent Hydrating Colour

PM Shines Translucent Hydrating Colour is a deposit only, ammonia free demi-permanent hair colour. It consists of just over 20 intermixable colours and a Clear Shine which can be mixed with the total colour palette to create a multitude of colours.

PM Shines have been developed with an exclusive Intense Hydrating Complex (IHC) that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to add intense hydration and help replenish amino acids lost during the colouring process.

PM Shines delivering true to tone, long lasting, healthy looking hair colour with exceptional shine and condition.,

PM Shines are grouped into 8 different tonal bases and 1 clear base. Within most tonal bases there are three categories of colour to choose from: Light-level 9, Medium-level 6 and Dark-levels 3-1.

PM Shines are mixed with a designated Processing Liquid that provides precise tone and deposit. PM Shines will last up to 4-6 weeks and will fade on tone. 

Key Benefits:


The gentle formula coupled with a unique conditioning agent derived from Meadowfoam Seed penetrates into the hair shaft to help repair damage and intensify surface shine.

Hydrating And Conditioning

IHC (Intense Hydrating Complex) penetrates deep into the hair shaft adding intense hydration while helping to replace lost amino acids.

Long Lasting,

An ammonia free formula imparts less structural damage to the hair providing a smoother, healthier surface. UV absorbers help to reduce environmental damage and keep colour from fading.

Give your hair a treat with Lunchtime Color from PM SHINES.

Available for professional use only, PM SHINES adds intense hydration and brilliant shine while delivering beautiful natural-looking color. With PM SHINES® 20 minute Lunchtime Color service, your stylist can get you in and out of the salon on your lunch hour.

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