Intensive Colours

Intensive Colours

Bright Colour
Highlighting Crème
Colour Highlighting Cream

Is an ultimate colour highlighting system!

No pre-lightening necessary

With fantastic hair condition and shine.

Great Results Every Time!

Provides intensive red and copper highlights, with terrific lifting power on natural and coloured hair.

The unique formulation means can be used with lower volumes of developer compared to similar products, leaving the hair in great condition. Incredible results!

You will see great results in just 20minutes!

Bright Colour Highlighting Crème

Our most popular colours are:

  • Red Violet
  • Red
  • Copper
  • Red Copper
  • Mangue – copper
  • Cerise – red
  • Natural
  • Framboise – purple red,
  • Banane – golden
  • Nectarine – red copper

Please Note: Our pricing structure reflects the educational level of our hairdressers which is determined by extensive training, testing and practical experience. All colour work includes dry off only, a blowave is additional. All colour services come with a colour porous equalizer prior to colour service to even out colour balance