Bridal Advice

The Do’s, Don’ts & Maybe’s of Make-Up



Makeup should only go on a freshly washed and moisturized face.

Whatever you’re doing, you have to see what you’re doing. Have bright, even light in front of your bathroom mirror.

Blend. Blend. And did I mention…blend!

You don’t want to see where the colour begins or ends. Whether it’s your foundation,  blush, or eye colour: no hard, drawn lines.

An exception to this would be eyeliner, but I prefer even that to be smudged.



Pink complexions should not wear pinkish foundations. No way. No how. Not ever!

DO NOT wear dark lipliner and lighter lip colour. This is what I call “the inflatable doll” look. Scary.



When it comes to colour, look at the colour of your skin hair & eyes.

It used to be a no-no to wear shimmer eye shadows on mature faces (shimmer accentuated the lines). But most shimmer formulas are so refined now, just about anyone can wear them.

Are some looks strictly day or night? Nah. (Besides, when you’re coming home from a party at 5  a.m.  is it day or is it night? These are the mysteries of life.)

When it comes to eye shadow, stay in the same colour family if you’re wearing more than one tone.    Then again, a colour mixed with a neutral looks great — pink with brown, or blue with brown.