Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Aftercare Instructions

In order to ensure continued infection-free results, please follow these simple procedures for the first 6 weeks:

1. Cleanse the earlobes twice a day WITHOUT REMOVING THE EARRINGS. Use liberal amounts of EAR CARE ANTISEPTIC LOTION on a cotton bud and apply on and around pierced areas, back and front of both ears. Dab the front and back of each ear lobe with your ear care, using a cotton bud, or simple applicator.

2. Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo and other hair preparations away from the ear. After shampooing, the earlobe should be thoroughly rinsed with clear water and then repeat step 1.

3. The piercing stud should NOT be removed for six weeks. After this time other post type earrings may be worn.

4. Before inserting any earrings into the earlobes, cleanse them by soaking in EAR CARE ANTISEPTIC LOTION and apply your ear-care lotion again to insure ears are cleaned well.

5. should excessive redness, irritation, itching or soreness occur consult a physician.

6.Some type of post earrings MUST be worn at all times for the first six months otherwise the hole could close over.

The post of any earing used should be of quality gold or surgical stainless steel.

CAUTION: No wire style earrings should be worn for at least four months after the ears have been pierced.