Nanomax Ionic

Nanomax Hydra Shampoo

Dry and dull hair extra moisturizing.

Shampoo rich in soy extracts. Contains keratin complex – KERA-MIL (natural keratin +minerals), which restores and strengthens the hair structure, caviar extracts that contain proteins, amino acids and essential acids, plant Ginkgo Biloba and seaweed – prevents dryness and brittleness. The active ingredients strengthen hair damaged areas. Provide the necessary level of moisture of hair. Vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B5, omega-3, antioxidants and free antiradikaly.
pH 5.5

Directions: Apply to wet hair for the entire length. Distribute a few minutes massaging your hair until peny. Rinse out well. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Recommended to use with NANOMAX HYDRA Conditioner and NANOMAX 3D SILK Serum.

Small Is Beautiful

In the quest for hair and beauty perfection, billions of dollars are being spent on painstaking research and meticulous development into a new and exciting branch of science – nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology works with particles less than 100,000th of the width of a human hair, or at an atomic level.

To give you an idea of size, a metre is 1000 millimetres and each millimetre is made up of 1 million nanometres!

To the right is a highly magnified grain of sand with a hole drilled through it. The hole is 30,000 nanometres wide and you could fit billions of nanomolecular particles into it!

When it comes to hair and beauty, products in nanomolecular-size particles can be much more effective than ordinary products and can guarantee the most successful and beautiful results.

Your Hair Structure

Hairdressers will tell you that hair is made from the combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture.

In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for about 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability.

The correct balance of protein and moisture is essential for healthy, shiny hair.
Unfortunately, hair keratin is damaged and moisture can be depleted by straighteners, colours, perms, blow-drying, the sun, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday wear and tear, like brushing.
The damage can make the hair feel coarse, look out of condition and become difficult to manage and style. Under an electron microscope this damage can be recognised in the form of cracks, splits and craters in the hair, as can be seen in this highly magnified hair strand.

Advanced Care

Now, from the company that brought you TANAGRA, the world’s first permanent hair repair service, comes the latest scientific breakthrough in professional hair care – NANOMAX.

NANOMAX is a professional, prescriptive range of hair damage repair treatments and specialist ‘hair enhancing’ treatments.

The unique TCQ nanomolecular ionic technology used in our biochemically engineered formulations ensure beautiful effects on all hair types and textures.

Unlike ordinary cream or liquid treatments, NANOMAX treatments have to be turned into a mist by a specially designed electronic Microsystem and then applied to the hair with special ceramic brushes. This incredibly fine and powerful penetrating mist infuses tiny nanomolecules (particles so small you could fit millions on to a pin-head!) into the hair structure to heal, repair, strengthen, protect and shine.
So, now your hair can be just how nature intended beautifully soft, shiny and healthy!

Permanent Hair Repair Treatments


Suitable for heat damaged hair (especially by straighteners), to reverse normal everyday wear and tear and also for chemically-treated hair in good condition.


Suitable for more serious damage caused by colour, bleach and other chemicals, as well as very weak natural hair.


Suitable for naturally dry, frizzy or dehydrated hair.
Even good hair can be improved with our hair enhancing treatments!


Seals and protects all coloured hair.

3D shine                                                          

Great shine for all hair types and textures.


Q: Is the NANOMAX system suitable for all hair types?

A Yes, and it’s especially effective on hair that’s extremely damaged or very porous, such as bleached or severely sun-damaged.

Q:  Are the NANOMAX treatments suitable for all hair types?

A Yes, and the hair damage repairing treatments are especially effective on hair that’s extremely damaged or very porous, such as bleached or severely sun-damaged. Please ask your stylist for a professional recommendation for your individual hair type.

Q: Can everyone enjoy the benefits of NANOMAX technology?

A Yes, the treatments are perfectly safe, but pregnant women and some others may have heightened sensitivity to the mist, just as they may have to pollen, dust or even dogs or cats, and so if this is the case, use of a NanoMask is recommended.

Q: I have colour in my hair – can I still have a NANOMAX treatment?

A Yes, but you should wait at least three days after a colour has been applied before having a NANOMAX hair damage repair treatment. colourlock is recommended immediately after a colour service and will make colours shinier and appear more vibrant as well as helping prevent colour fade.

Q: My hair is permed – can I still have a NANOMAX treatment?

A Yes, but you should wait at least three days after a perm has been applied before having a NANOMAX hair damage repair treatment. A NANOMAX repair or intensive treatment will boost the curl strength in permed hair, so perms become bouncier. 3D shine can be applied immediately after a perm.

Q: How effective are NANOMAX hair damage repair treatments?

A They are up to 80% effective at repairing hair damage on their first application, up to 90% on their second and up to 100% on their third.

Q: How long does a NANOMAX treatment take?

A It depends on the hair length and type. Usually, the hair damage repair treatments take about 25 minutes on short hair and about 40 minutes on long hair. The hair enhancing treatments, colourlock and 3D shine, take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Q: How long does a NANOMAX treatment last?

A NANOMAX treatments are permanent like a permanent colour. However, just like ordinary hair in good condition, NANOMAX treated hair will be gradually damaged by chemical services such as colours and perms, excess heat and everyday wear and tear. And of course, hair grows at about 12mm every month, so we recommend regular top-up treatments to keep the hair in a beautifully soft, healthy condition.

Q: I have hair extensions – will NANOMAX work on them?

A All human hair extensions are chemically – treated and so NANOMAX repair and intensive hair damage repair treatments are very effective on them, but they won’t work on synthetic hair extensions. 3D shine can also be used on human hair extensions for a fabulous lustre. NANOMAX treatments help to equalise the appearance of natural hair and extensions, making the finished result look much more natural.

Q: How should I maintain my hair between NANOMAX treatments?

A Always follow the advice from your stylist and use NANOMAX professional quality hair products at home for the best results.