Blondes and Toners

Paul Mitchell The Colour

Paul Mitchell The Colour has the same degree of ammonia in every level of colour. This lower ammonia hair colour puts the highest degree of dye intermediates into the hair without extensively raising the cuticle. The result is healthy, conditioned hair with predictable results.

Traditional Hair Colour

Hair colour with higher levels of ammonia cause additional lift in the hair which can produce unpredictable results and damage to the hair.

Lighten up with your stylist

Whether you want to add a few buttery highlights or make a statement with a completely new blonde ‘does, your stylist has everything you need to lighten up. The Blonding System from Angela’s Mane Attraction features natural conditioning agents that help hair retain moisture, making your hair feel as good as it looks.

Highlift Series Benefits

The Highlift Series is a low ammonia, permanent cream hair colour with a beeswax base. It consists of 5 intermixable colours.

  • Maximum lift
  • Up to 4 levels of lift
  • Long-lasting tonal control
  • 5 tonal bases to neutralize or intensify
  • Sandalwood fragrance
  • Offers clients a soothing hair colour experience.

The Ultra Toner

  • Are used to neutralize or intensify highlighted or pre-lightened hair.
    Long lasting pastel tones
    Low ammonia, demi-permanent colour in 5 tonal bases
    Healthy, natural looking blondes
    Beeswax base and natural conditioners
    Eucalyptus fragrance
    Offers clients an invigorating hair colouring experience


Please Note: Our pricing structure reflects the educational level of our hairdressers which is determined by extensive training, testing and practical experience. All colour work includes dry off only, a blowave is additional. All colour services come with a colour porous equalizer prior to colour service to even out colour balance