Reneetov Facials

Reneetov Facials

All Reneetov facials are 100% natural
homeopathically prepared and organically grown with antioxidants.

100% pure collagen & elastin fibre sheets

An anti-aging and regenerating treatment that gives immediate results. This remarkable treatment is combined with personalised serum blends. It reconstructs weakened and stressed connective tissue fibres, plumps the skin lines minimising wrinkles immediately.

Hydro warm elastic mask

This revitalising and re-hydrating treatment builds & preserves the moisture reservoir of the skins cells to safeguard its rehydration, balance and vitality.

Marine hydro cool facial

A treatment enriched with natural marine for intensive improvement of the skins moisture content, stimulating cellular regeneration. Its cooling effect helps to calm capillary vessels & high flushing. Perfect for irritated and sunburnt skin.

100% pure collagen & elastin fibre sheets & hydro warm elastin mask

Combats the first signs of aging through the firming of cellular skin elasticity. This facial strengthens weak and slacking tissue whilst hydrating & moisturising the skin. A synergising treatment for optimum cellular regeneration.

Bioactive cellular deep tissue lift

Vital biological essential tissue protein balancing, powerful rejuvenation of support tissue, replenishing deep down. “Energy” of the skin & reactivating cellular metabolism of aging.

Marine & mineral thermodynamic active

A fine blend of selected mineral powders of which the temperature rises to gentle and steadily, optimising the absorption of essential actives for the skins “full potential dynamics stabilising pH”.

Eye Wrap

Helps reduce and treat fine lines, dark circles, crow’s feet as well as dehydrated, sore, tired eyes, allergies and puffiness from late

Four Kingdom of Nature Oxygenation Range

The Signature range from Reneetov. A high technology oxygenation skincare treatment range that delivers instant “OXYGEN” to the skin.

Enriched with Vital Natural Oils, Lipsosomes, Nanosphere and Micro-Nutrients. Creates a superior deep nourishing and lubricating effect. Prevents dehydration and dryness. Regenerates cellular tissue and slows down the skin’s ageing process due to sun damage and premature ageing. Replenishes the cells life-force and stimulates cellular respiration.

Supports and energises cell metabolism and oxygenation. Rapidly improves micro-circulation and significantly increases tissue strengthening, firming and lifting. Retextures coarse, environmental and sun-damaged skin.

Softens and conditions fine lines and wrinkles. Energises dull, tired and devitalised skin. Normalises skin’s PH balance. Enhances the skin’s radiance for optimal treatment benefits. Leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. Reveals a nourished, healthier, younger and softer skin.

Protects skin against free radicals. Replenishes the cells’ lifeforce energy, stimulates cellular respiration, regenerates the cellular tissue, fine lines, wrinkles and rapidly slows down the skin’s ageing process due to sun damage and premature ageing


A professional manual skincare treatment which helps diminish skin irritation caused by the environment. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Increases the water retention of the skin. Protects the skin by stimulating the skin’s defences.


  • The skin feels soft smooth and supple
  • Dryness and skin irritation is reduced
  • Collagen synthesis is stimulated
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized
  • A stronger fresher firm skin


  • Revitalised damaged capillaries
  • Hydrate the neck area
  • Reduce “Gooseflesh” bumps
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Firming effect
  • Delay the aging process
  • Help scaliness
  • Remove thicken or coarse skin.


Hydro Warm Elastic Masks combined with Reneetov homoeopathically prepared Personalised Serum Blends, create deep tissue moisture re-balancing and correct transdermal hydration. Maintain an optimum long term hydration protective shield and synergistically improve cellular function. Restores lustre and skin radiance.


This combination of the 100% Pure Collagen & Elastin Fibre Film and Hydro Warm Elastic Mask creates a super booster and intensive concentrated treatment to the skin. The heat/warmth from the Hydro Warm Elastic Mask accelerates the separation of the collagen fibre cells into the skin, it expands the pores, allowing quicker and deeper penetration.

Benefits :

  • Improves skins elasticity and firmness
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Tones and tightens the -skins
  • Improves skins appearance texture and moisture content
  • Diminishes fine lines, Alleviates dehydration, dry and damaged skin
  • Stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin by strengthening the connective tissue.


100% Pure freeze dried Collagen and Elastic fibre film is designed to maintain maximum hydration balance in the skin by protecting the live Active Collagen and Elastic Fibre, promotes the formation of New Collagen and Elastin fibres. Restores the Skin’s Elasticity and Firmness. Counteracts the formation of wrinkles by accelerating Cellular renewal. Results are immediate and long-lasting with a course of treatment. Create a dynamic personalised treatment with 100% Pure Collagen Activator.


  • Reduces the Depth of Wrinkles by pumping the skin out
  • Supports rapid restructuring for skin which has been attacked by severe Acne infection and bacteria
  • Improve texture, moisture content and visible appearance


Dynamic active treatment for instant visible results. Restores firmness, lifting sagging tissue of facial cheeks, chin, neck and chest. Firms and tones body, bust, abdomen and hands. Regenerates the Epidermis elasticity resulting in less obvious lines and wrinkles. Restores freshness and tones vibrancy and radiance.


  • To Firm and Lift Tired & Sagging Tissue
  • To give instant Lift and Toning
  • A pick up before going out
  • To exercise the vascular, capillary network of the skin for tired & sluggish complexion
  • Improve a surface muscle tone
  • On a course of treatment, result will be highly visible with reduction of fine-lines
  • Improved skin tonicity and re-balances
  • High tightening effect for skin
  • Vitalizing and providing an optimal lifting treatment
  • Gives the tired looking skin a visibly smoother look
  • The complexion is beautiful and radiant, face and neck look tightened, smooth and rejuvenated.
  • Lines and small wrinkles are smoothed out and through this, the skin appears distinctly refined.


Minerals are essential in skin’s cellular structure for maintaining the vital physiological balance and maintaining youthful skin. Mineral therapy is the key correction treatment to sustain an Anti-Aging effect. The Warmth of the treatment penetrates all the richness of Marine, Vitamins, Mineral, Trace Elements and Amino Acids into the “Base Live Active Substructure”. At the same time Perspiration, Sebum, and Impurities are drawn from the Body.


  • Introduces vital Minerals into the skin. Replacing loss of vital skin minerals due to stress, pollution, sun damage, air-conditioning and central heating.
  • Excellent for Acne:- Healing & Accelerating
  • For Repairing Oily & Acne Conditions
  • For Re-regulates the sebaceous glands & Oily flow
  • Refines the skin
  • Minimises a cute inflammation & infections
  • Draw out redness & irritations
  • Seal Pustules & Acne Conditions
  • Relaxing and Mineral rich
  • Beneficial for compacted cellulite and adipose tissue
  • Detoxifying and Firming
  • Allows the re-mineralisation and decongestion of the skin-tissue – while reducing adipose accumulation.