Evox – Fibroblast – Anti Aging

EVOX Anti-Aging Hair Technology


The EVOX Cryogenic Chamber is an innovative technique that is specifically engineered to maintain the molecular treatment at the necessary temperature range for the activation process. The titanium cooling plates and the thermoelectric technology ensures the temperature remains even and consistent.



For the first time, bioengineering has allowed Evolutionproof to use Fibroblast in a professional hair product. Fibroblast is a binding molecule that allows cellular proliferation and has the power to drastically repair and increase cell regeneration. For years, Fibroblast has been used in the medical field to aid in the healing of wounds and repairing skin on a cellular level. Through bioengineering, Evolutionproof has formulated a way to use this same ingredient to rejuvenate your hair.



With this powerful in-salon molecular treatment we’ve been able to create a formula that engenders a coating to reinforce the internal hair structure. During the crystallization process, Fibroblast molecules proliferate non-active cells and immediately begin their regeneration. Simultaneously, this hair rejuvenation therapy replenishes your hair with newly activated Fibroblast cells. This cellular therapy improves your hairs health with each service.



Liquid Plasma Protein Coating gives your hair an additional dosage of Fibroblast and is specifically formulated to maintain and prolong the results of Evox Hair Rejuvenation Therapy. Liquid Plasma increases the ability to retain moisture while extensively reconstructing and reinforcing the cuticle scales that protect the inner layers, making them three times as strong. 



Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner re-deposits Fibroblast in every use while enhancing and prolonging the longevity of your new lifestyle. Locks in natural nutrients & color. Free of harsh sulphates and detergents.


Our pricing structure for Evox fibroblast all depends on length thickness and timing of your hair

above chin $40-50

Chin length $50-$60

Shoulder length $60-$70

Bra length between $70-$80

Extra long / thick hair $80-$100

Stand alone Fibroblast Treatment can take between 30-45mins

Prices may vary lower or higher. 
Does not include your blowave ,colour cut or any other service



Fibroblast Take home products 
Shampoo $39.95
Conditioner $39.95
Treatment plasma $45

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