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With many self tanning products, the tanner builds up, leaving your color feeling caked on. That is not the case with Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse. This lightweight color application brings out the natural beauty of your skin while deepening your color.

This Three Warriors fake tan is long lasting and hydrating. It creates a smooth consistency, especially for olive skin tones. Three Warriors hopes to bring out the natural beauty in everyone with their products, while restoring your skin with lasting hydration.

Applying this self tanning solution is simple, though Three Warriors recommends purchasing their eco-friendly mitts to assist application. Using a large amount of tan, move your hands in a circular motion to lather color onto your whole body.

Leave the tan on for 1-5 hours, depending on the color you are hoping for. Wash off the product in a quick, lukewarm shower, and scrub your hands and face lightly to remove excess product.

Made with Tasmanian honey, olive oil from southern groves, and pure freshwater from mountain springs, the Three Warriors fake tan smells great and glows bright. The streak-free finish of this product is unparalleled. Within just a few hours, enjoy the tan you dream of all year.

Not only does this product give your skin a lasting glow, Three Warriors’ products are toxic-free, certified organic, and cruelty free. You can purchase this self tanning product without guilt because Three Warriors works hard to leave a positive mark on the beauty industry.

Suitable for all skin tones and skin types. Beautifully fragranced with a tropical scent.