Plant Derived Natural Colours, Aromas & Antioxidants Infused with NaturaDermaCeuticals, Life-giving Cell Nutrients, Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids & Oxygen.
pH Acid Rebalancing & Regulating for Each Range & Every Product.
Life-forming & Rebuilding Geothermal & Essential Minerals & Cell Tissue Salts. Electrolytically infused & Potentiated. Contains both positively and negative charged ions, which can penetrate both the positive and negative galvanic channels in the skin.
Reneetov’s Transcutanial Pathways Transporting SystemTM, which Diff000uses Vital Actives into the Skin’s Cell Forming Substructure. Reneetov’s Layering SystemTMCorrects & Rebalances the Vital Metabolic Pathways of Absorption & Infusion, Elimination & Detoxification.
Reneetov’s Custom Blended Cell Nucleus, Peptides, Liposomes, Nanospheres, Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), Plant Stem Cell, Dermal Renewal Stem Cell & DNA Technology TreatmentsTM.
Reneetov’s Synergistic Process for Harnessing the Energy of the Earth’s Magnetic Field, combined with the Sun’s Electromagnetic EnergyTM.