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N-Gravity Hair Treat


In the quest for hair and beauty perfection, billions of dollars are being spent on painstaking research and meticulous development into a new and exciting branch of science – nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology works with particles less than 100,000th of the width of a human hair, or at an atomic level.

To give you an idea of size, a metre is 1000 millimetres and each millimetre is made up of 1 million nanometres!

To the right is a highly magnified grain of sand with a hole drilled through it. The hole is 30,000 nanometres wide and you could fit billions of nanomolecular particles into it!,

When it comes to hair and beauty, products in nanomolecular-size particles can be much more effective than ordinary products and can guarantee the most successful and beautiful results.


Hairdressers will tell you that hair is made from the combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture.

In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for about 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability.

The correct balance of protein and moisture is essential for healthy, shiny hair.

Unfortunately, hair keratin is damaged and moisture can be depleted by straighteners, colours, perms, blow-drying, the sun, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday wear and tear, like brushing.

The damage can make the hair feel coarse, look out of condition and become difficult to manage and style. Under an electron microscope this damage can be recognised in the form of cracks, splits and craters in the hair, as can be seen in this highly magnified hair strand.


Now, from the company that brought you TANAGRA, the world’s first permanent hair repair service, comes the latest scientific breakthrough in professional hair care – NANOMAX.

NANOMAX, is a professional, prescriptive range of hair damage repair treatments and specialist ‘hair enhancing’ treatments.

The unique TCQ nanomolecular ionic technology used in our biochemically engineered formulations ensure beautiful effects on all hair types and textures.

Unlike ordinary cream or liquid treatments, NANOMAX treatments have to be turned into a mist by a specially designed electronic Microsystem and then applied to the hair with special ceramic brushes. This incredibly fine and powerful penetrating mist infuses tiny nanomolecules (particles so small you could fit millions on to a pin-head!) into the hair structure to heal, repair, strengthen, protect and shine.

So, now your hair can be just how nature intended beautifully soft, shiny and healthy!


A relaxing and enjoyable treatment, Nanomax is brushed into the hair then sealed with a low temperature iron to seal the hair folical. For best results three Nanomax hair treatment sessions (which include a wash & styling) will give you reconditioned soft and silky hair that lasts for months.

Nanomax also works to rehydrated curly or curled hair, giving it a silky conditioned feel. Nanomax is brushed in, ironed to seal then rinsed to restyle. Elimate the frizz and keep the bounce in your hair with Nanomax.

Nanomax will rehydrate all types of hair and restore a lustre and shine to your hair.

Try Nanomax hair treatment and you will be hooked.

Nanomax and new technology for beautiful, healthy hair.

Nanomax Hair Technician Interview



What does Nanomax do?

Angelina : Nanomax is about permanent hair repair, where all other treatments sit on top or the hair, this one, what we do is recreate the molecules of the hair. Nanomax breaks the molecules up to really really tiny parts, which is a three-stage-treatment, so you need to have three treatments 7-10 days apart. Once you’ve had three Nanomax treatments 7-10 days apart your hair will be repaired. Some may need four, then you maintain it every three to six months. Most people love it because it is different to any other treatment, it internally treats your hair. Nanomax is the closest you can get to cosmetic surgery for your hair. Your hair will feel different.

The hair is brushed through three times, or more with the treatment, then ironed into the hair slowly. The molecules are locked into the hair, as otherwise they would come out again with a wash. So this process takes from 45 minutes . Nanomax is high in technology and it uses science to create the best treatment possible for hair. Nanomax is the new upgraded technology for hair, just like gramophones to iPods & beta to digital

Who would you recommend Nanomax to?

Angelina :It’s one of the best treatments available, it is intensive for your colours as it is the most amount of protein that we can put in the hair that’s truly strengthening. 60% repair, protein. Nanomax really strengthens the hair by moisturising and hydrating. It contains caviar extract, plus sunflower oil for natural protection with seaweed extract for the moisturising ability. A lot of really nice ingredients combined so Nanomax also smells nice.

Is the Nanomax process uncomfortable?

Angelina: No, it’s really nice, like someone brushing your hair, plus it has a pleasent smell, rather than a chemical one. But the main this is it really does repair. There are 3 different Nanomax options: hydrate, repair, colour lock and shine. The colour lock adds shine and prolongs your colour for an additional five weeks. The repair has a protein and adds moisture. The shine will add up to six weeks texture and shine, you can have it every time you have a cut and a blow wave, do it as many times as you like. Once you do a couple you could just have moisture or colour lock. Lack of hydration makes hair split, you could be using the best irons and hair colours but you still can have dehydrated hair. Nanomax will allow you to re-condition bringing it back to almost virgin hair.

How much does Nanomax cost?

Angelina: The average price you will pay for the Nanomax is a from $100- $190 (depends on thickness & lenghth of hair ) a session, so we are saying on average from $320 (depends on thickness & lenghth of hair )for all three sessions, that includes your styling as well. We will offer you a discount if you book all three and pay at the start. Nanomax is very high in technology and science, it is really taking hair treatments to the next level. It looks great, feels great and smells great.

Is Nanomax something that they are looking to put into the consumer market?

Angelina: No, you can’t do it yourself. It is strictly in-salon service, due to the procedure that needs to be done, it’s important that hair is ironed correctly. It really does work, I’ve seen some amazing transformations. Hair that was breaking. Once you loose moisture if you don’t get there fast enough the hair starts to dehydrate and it becomes brittle and snaps, like nails, so you have to get in early with hydration and you’ll have no breakage. It is all about prevention but if your hair is fried, you can bring it back. Nanomax is the future of treating hair, all other treatments are cosmetic and just sit on top of the hair, only penetrating a little bit. Nanomax actually goes inside the hair folicle.

Will Nanomax make your hair oily so it has to be washed more?

Angelina: No, because it is not cosmetic. Nanomax conditions your hair and makes it stronger from the inside, it doesn’t sit on the outside like a coating like cosmetic products making your hair oily. Nanomax actually lightens the hair and gives it more body, when you run your hands through your hair you can feel the difference. Your hair will feel softer, and brush glide through. We brush Nanomax in three times under and three times over. Then we use bio tools because they work ironically, complimenting and working together. Sometimes Nanomax is used to strengthen the hair, other times it is used to make the hair feel better. Treatments are tailor to what your hair needs.

It looks like it settles the hair down, there are no fly-aways.

Angelina: Yes. You’ll see there are no other products on the market like this. Nanomax is the only company that has five formulas, which means you can treat your hair with it’s changing needs. You can see it working, when hair is damaged you can see it fixes the hole in the strand of hair. A normal product would plug that hole, like a band aid on top, with Nanomax we are adding modules and they fill the damaged area, fill it, fill it, fill it, then seal it.

So Nanomax actually fits in with the Bio Ionic Hair Straightening process?

Angelina: Yes it helps improve the process. It’s the same thing with a different way to achieve the end product, you enforce the process. The more you do the Bio Ionic Straightening the better you get at it. None of the straightening processes are permanent they grow out with your re-growth as your hair grows. It makes people feel good when they have straight hair and Bio Ionic makes the hair soft also. There are new and different process in regards to semi-permanent straightening. You can also straighten over it and get rid of the frizz. The new treatments last about six to twelve weeks.

When you do a Nanomax colour lock are you still using an iron to lock it in?

Angelina: Yes. We dry it 3/4 then we run the product through the hair, dry it and then lock it. It is very flexible. It is the same for 3D shine, same process. Finish blow-dry then just brush it, it does need to be locked in. It is a very addictive result. Nanomax will definitely be the best treatment for the next five or more years.

Does Nanomax have a straightening affect by itself?

Angelina: No it’s only a treatment. It will help fly-aways and kinks that are there, because these are caused by lack of moisture. It complements a straightening. It is like having a facial, after one your face looks great after three it feels and looks great like a babies skin. It’s the same with hair. The first will always be good but after three its great, you do need to have the three treatments.

How popular has Nanomax been, since it was first introduced in your salon?

Angelina: I think from a salons point of view it is great because you have to provide something different with results that makes the hair soft and isn’t just stuck on your head. It repairs it by getting into the hair, its not cosmetic it’s not from the supermarket, it repairs your hair. What you buy from the supermarket costs $30 to $90 but it doesn’t last. People need something that is going to last. Plus it looks good, you can feel the results and customers come back for more.

What are the long-term benefits of Nanomax?

Angelina: We are finding that a lot of our clients are not having their hair straightened as much because they are having the Nanomax because it makes their hair sit better and feel great. It is one of the things that helps your hair last

Will it help those people with hair that is over-processed?

Angelina: Yes definitely. It is one of those things that after you have had it done you will realise how much better the hair feels. It comes up so well. It is amazing a lot of people are using Nanomax because they can see the results instantly. It works well with the which allow you to straighten and curl while producing more shine and hold.

How long have they had Nanomax in the UK?

Angelina: About three or four years. It’s in the top salons and a lot of the celebrities use it. Now it has come to Australia

Can you do Nanomax on curly hair?

Angelina: Yes, it’s still the same process, but after it is sealed with the when then wet and restyle

Can you do Nanomax on fake hair?

Angelina: On the extensions? Extensions are real hair, the hair has been treated, colour treated as well. It isn’t fragile. Nanomax on extensions is fantastic, as long as they are real hair extensions. Your extension hair will last longer with Nanomax, especially when it is re-usable hair extensions.